Can a Relationship Recover From “Let’s Be Friends?”

No one ever wants to hear the words, “Let’s be friends” from the person they are dating. All too often people assume that those words mean the end of a relationship. They figure what their ex really means is that they want to break up and never see each other again. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes when people say, “Let’s be friends,” they mean exactly that.

It is possible that the person using the phrase, “Let’s be friends”, really does value your friendship. If this is the case, they may simply be confused about how the really feel about you. This is when some time apart may be the best way to bring both of you back together.

Time without you may be just what your ex needs to remind them why the two of you were dating in the first place. When they are ready to make amends, be their friend and see where it leads.

It may also be that the person who said, “Let’s be friends”, is afraid of how strong their feelings are for you. Sometimes when we first fall in love with another person it is frightening. Often times in this situation a person will push away the person they love rather than risk falling deeper in love and getting badly hurt. The best course of action for this situation is to embrace the friendship. Once your ex realizes that you’re not going anywhere, they may be willing to risk trying a romantic relationship once more.

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