3 Top Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Ignores You

You may have gone out on a great date with a man who promised to get in touch with you. After the date, however, he seems to disappear into thin air. Why does he ignore you? This may happen due to a number of reasons, some of which we are going to take a look at here.

1. It was too easy

Although it is commonly said that men like us to be more aggressive, the fact remains that they would still like to go after us. In fact, all human beings usually give more value to the things they have struggled to get. If you were readily available with hardly an effort on his part, he may just lose interest.

2. Lack of understanding

You should be aware that our male counterparts usually think in different ways. For example, while you may see nothing wrong with spending hours on the phone with him, this may not be the case on his part. When there is no understanding between you, that guy will be less motivated to get in touch.

3. The impression you give

We have just touched on phone calls. If you call your boyfriend every now and then, you won’t attract him more. Instead, you will just turn him off when you appear to be chasing after him. The best method is to get in touch with him less often. This will give him the chance to miss you and he will contact you.

Another part of this is when you are constantly nagging him about what he thinks of the relationship. If you press him for commitment, he may back off instead.

In general, we tend to speak much more than the men. So, you risk drowning him in a sea of words, which will just encourage him to avoid your company. You may even appear to be trivial as it is really difficult to say so much without repeating oneself.

When your boyfriend begins to ignore you, try to figure out which one of these could be the reason.

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